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25 Dec

I was just reading over a lot of the reports and was on a few conference calls with other staff members. I’ve never done anything like this before.” Danielle was a beautiful girl. We’ll explore each other very slowly.” “That sounds like a fair amount.” I reached into my wallet and pulled out the cash. As soon as her hands were on my cock, I immediately got very hard. I really was very aroused and very excited to have this gorgeous woman stroking my hard cock.

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I usually edge for hours, but since I was going to be exploring in the blue light district tonight, I came pretty fast. I put on jeans and a blue polo shirt and loafer shoes. I didn’t want to leave Amsterdam without doing this.

I took a cab over to the red light district, walked around there for a while and wound my way over to the blue light district.

Now, the blue district is where all the Shemale houses are. Then she put her cock over my cock and we stroked it as if it were one. Then she put my cock on top of hers and again we stroked it like it was one.

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My wife and I have been married for the last sixteen years. I mean, we don’t have sex every day, but still have it at least three times a week. She has no idea about it, and I only satisfy my cravings for cock when I’m away on business trips. In fact, she doesn’t even know that I masturbate often.

My wife does not know about any of these urges or desires.

Rather than a look of disgust I had always feared, my wife had a look of lust in her eyes that I had never seen.

She started to rub herself and squeeze her tits as she bit her lower lip and moaned hungrily.